About Us

The story of S. JACKSON, INC. started in 1942 when Stephen Jackson, DVM, PhD, escaped Zagreb, Yugoslavia with his wife, son and three suitcases. He settled his family in Zurich, Switzerland for the duration of the war.  His service to OSS operations during that time brought him a sponsor for emigrating to the USA in 1945.  He practiced Veterinary medicine until the early 1950s.  By 1954 Dr. Jackson established the foundation of S. JACKSON, INC. with the commercial introduction of several unique drugs and medical devices.

Gradually S. JACKSON, INC. focused on its current principal product, the very unique Supramid® and Supramid Extra® sutures.  These entirely new sutures were first introduced in the U.S. Veterinary market; however, the benefits of Supramid® and Supramid Extra® suture quickly became sought out by specialty surgeons in human medicine as well.  Articles about these unique sutures started appearing in ophthalmic journals, in orthopedic journals and then in articles by plastic and reconstructive specialists.

S. JACKSON, INC. matured during these years which saw the advent of the United States Food and Drug Administration and many new regulations for the industry.  Dr. Jackson made sure that his enterprise complied in every way and S. JACKSON, INC. early on became a Registered Medical Device Manufacturer and maintains all Good Manufacturing Practices to this day.

In the 1970s and 1980s S. JACKSON, INC. continued to grow through some of the most significant changes in the medical device industry and medicine in general.  Throughout, S. JACKSON, INC. maintained steady growth by the second generation of the family, the son who left Zagreb in 1942 at the age of 6.

Currently S. JACKSON, INC. is lead by the third generation of the Jackson family. And, in the spirit of Dr. Stephen Jackson, the company continues to produce the unique line of Supramid® and Supramid Extra® sutures to the highest standards of the medical device industry.