About Supramid Sutures

Our SUPRAMID EXTRA® cable-type sutures are unique in that they are made of many fine inner nylon fibers which are enclosed in a smooth nylon outer shell.  As a result, SUPRAMID EXTRA®cable-type sutures feel smooth like monofilament sutures but they tie better, with fewer knots, and stay tied even with short tag ends.

Even our SUPRAMID® nylon monofilament sutures handle and tie better than other synthetics because we sterilize exclusively with ETO.  Other synthetics are commonly gamma-radiated, making them stiffer and more difficult to handle.

SUPRAMID® and SUPRAMID EXTRA® sutures are very strong.  In fact, all of our sutures exceed the United States Pharmacopela (USP) diameter and tensile strength requirements for nonabsorbable sutures.

SUPRAMID® monofilament sutures are available in USP Size 6-0 through size 2-0, with diameters in the range from 0.099 mm to 0.339 mm.  SUPRAMID EXTRA® cable-type sutures are available in USP Size 4-0 through size #8, in diameters with the range from 0.199 mm to 1.099 mm.

SUPRAMID® and SUPRAMID EXTRA® sutures are available in natural white and in black using only FDA approved Logwood black dye.  In addition, our specially formulated Fluorescent SUPRAMID® sutures are available in a unique easy-to-see fluorescent green color for Veterinary surgery.